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Happy Holidays!

May this song provide the sound-track

for your holiday preparations!

As the holiday season starts, I want to wish you the best possible times and memories this year.  I hope this song and video helps to keep you in the mood during your shopping, parties and other activities that make up the holiday period.


Whenever I see or hear excellence that brings joy and sparks creativity, I treasure it in my life.  This commercial by T-Mobile is one such item.  It is on my computer all year long.


It was commissioned by T-Mobile for their 2011 Holiday Season.  Their Senior Vice President of Communications, Peter DeLuca, is one of the most creative and visionary people in the advertising industry.  When I’m stuck for ideas, I watch this!  And then I try to think "big" as Mr. DeLuca has modeled in this and other communication efforts.


Filmed at Schaumburg's Woodfield Mall!


It was filmed here in Schaumburg, IL at Woodfield Mall…the 2nd (or 1st…depending on who built on last) largest mall in the US…the competitor being Mall of America in Minneapolis.  As such, T-Mobile auditioned local women … so it is always nice to see some familiar faces.


...and then the song!


And then...most importantly!  This version of “Home for Holidays” is unbelievable!  The lyrics are by Brian Kelly McKnight and this version was composed and arranged by Paul Mirkovich.


I hope this melody sticks in your mind during the holidays and provides you the joy of the season.

Greg Gruenwald, Schaumburg, IL


The Holidays 2017: Many Blessings to You!